Removable, lightweight and soft dinghy chocks for inflatable boats and ribs.

Stop tripping over hazardous metal deck chocks that can damage your dinghy. SoftChocks® are incredibly lightweight yet stable, removable deck chocks perfect for your inflatable, RIB or hard shell tender. SoftChocks® are made of a rigid foam core, surrounded by the highest density marine grade closed cell foam available which is the same buoyant material used in lifejackets and floating docks. The foam is then covered with a water, UV and mildew resistant acrylic coated polyester canvas. SoftChocks® are also available with a convenient light weight breathable bag for stowage when chocks are not in use. Installing SoftChocks® is simple. Just attach the 4 stainless steel snaps provided to the deck of your yacht using a 1/8” drill and secure with silicone. Simply unsnap for removal. Prices range from $499.95 to $599.95 per pair or three depending on model and color selected. For customers located in Canada, please contact Dan’s Nautical Shop at 519-735-2628 or via email at

These chocks are handmade in the US using only the highest quality materials. Accept no imitations!!



SoftChocks® will fit most smaller boats. There are several models and colors to choose from depending on the weight and configuration of your boat.



  1. Place chocks on the deck of your boat. Position stern chock (one with flatter V) where the boat transom edge is near stern chock edge and rests fully on chock. Position bow chock approximately before bow starts to rise.
  2. Place boat on chocks and make sure it is centered and sits squarely on the chocks. To install snaps, mark position of snaps. Drill holes with 1/8” drill bit. Screw in snap and use silicone to seal. Fasten boat securely to deck.

Schematic Drawings