Bixler’s Elixir 3 step Inflatable Boat Cleaner
Restore and Revitalize your inflatable to like-new condition

Bixler’s Elixer 3 Step Inflatable Boat Cleaner revitalizes faded and stained inflatables by removing oxidation, dirt, deep stains, diesel fuel and oil with ease. Our exclusive formula shines and protects. Safe for all PVC and Hypalon inflatables. Contains NO silicones or petroleum distillates which can harm your boat. Environmentally safe.


  • 1 quart spray cleaner
  • 8 oz deep cleaner with mild abrasive
  • 16 oz sealant

Bixler’s Elixir
Inflatable Boat Cleaner, 1 quart

Step 1
Bixler’s inflatable boat cleaner is a superior cleaner for all inflatable boat fabrics and surfaces including fiberglass. Our exclusive formula is a fast acting detergent that quickly removes stains, dirt, grime and oil with ease. Surfaces stay clean, bright and film free longer. Rinsing is optional.

Bixler’s Elixir
Inflatable Boat Deep Cleanser, 8 oz

Step 2
Our Inflatable Boat Deep Cleanser is an intense, deep cleaner with a mild, safe abrasive to remove years of severe oxidation, mildew and deep stains with ease.

Bixler’s Elixir
Inflatable Boat Protectant and Sealant, 16 oz

Step 3
Our exclusive sealant formula restores color and shine and provides surface and UV protection. Safe for all PVC, Hypalon and Polyurethane fabrics. This safe yet deep penetrating surface protectant will also prevent future oxidation and fading . It also makes future clean up easier as the pores are sealed so the dirt does not penetrate as easily. We recommend you use the sealant as the final step of the Bixlers’ 3 step cleaning process.

Easy to use:

Step 1 (cleaner)
Simply spray Bixler’s inflatatable boat cleaner on the surface and agitate tough areas with a non abrasive pad. Wipe surface with a clean cloth or paper towel until surface is clean and free of residue.
Step 2 (deep cleanser)
Before use, test in a small inconspicuous area. Squeeze a quarter size drop directly on to a damp sponge and rub gently as the the fabric may scratch if you rub too hard or vigorously. Rinse with water. This would be step 2 in Bixler’s 3 step cleaning process.
Step 3 (sealant and protectant)
Rinse thouroughly 2 or 3 times. Make sure surface is completely dry. Apply a minimum of two or three coats of inflatable boat protectant with a cloth. Pour protectant into a shallow container and dip towel into protectant, absorbing approx one ounce and squeeze applicator until damp. Apply in thin even strokes. Immediate results will be seen. If streaking occurs, the oxidized surface may require several coats. Allow surface to dry before recoating. Do not apply in direct sunlight. For customers located in Canada, please contact Dan’s Nautical Shop at 519-735-2628 or via email at dansnautical@gmail.com.