Why is ToobSeal superior?

Other inflatable sealants turn brown and crack shortening the life of your repair and staining your boat. ToobSeal® dries clear and stays flexible.

ToobSeal® shown on the left and another sealant on the right. ToobSeal dries clear and stays flexible (test fabric is white Hypalon®).
A close up of the other sealant.

Instructions for boats under 12 feet:

  1. Deflate the boat.
  2. Inject 1 quart (32 oz) ToobSeal® liquid sealer equally into all the air chambers.
  3. Inflate the boat.
  4. Shift the boat side to side and bow to stern at a 45 degree angle until the sealer has circulated and coated all inner surfaces of the boat. The Sealer has the consistency of water so ToobSeal is easy to apply.
  5. Let dry for three hours.

Boat is sealed!!

For Boats over 12 feet:

  1. Follow above instructions using roughly 3oz of ToobSeal® per foot as a quanitity guideline


Is ToobSeal® flammable or hazardous?
No. Toobseal® is a acrylic based formula which is not flammable or considered hazardous.
Will ToobSeal stain or discolor my boat?
No. In the event you do spill ToobSeal and forget to wipe it up, it will dry clear. See photos at the top of this page.
Can I use ToobSeal to repair seam leaks?
Yes, provided they are small and leak slowly. If you can visually see where the seam is separated, the leak is too large for ToobSeal® to work.
Can ToobSeal® repair malfunctioning air valves?
No. Check your manufacturers instructions for valve servicing instructions.
Can ToobSeal be used on whitewater rafts, towables and pool toys?
How do I determine If a valve is leaking air?
Make a solution of mild soapy water. Inflate the boat and apply the soapy water solution around the valve and look for constant bubbling in a specific area.